Who’s Manjo?

Hi! A little bird told me you’re curious about me. I’m Manjo–or rather, Mandy. I’m a midwestern 30-something who loves handmade embroidery, fabric, jewelry, books, coffee, and cats. I have a soft spot for the irreverent and a softer spot for anything DIY.  I especially love combining embroidery with other methods: screen printing, custom dyeing, linocuts, and fabric painting.

Although my Etsy store is very recent, I have been embroidering for about 6 years. I started out of spite– told me embroidery was a lost art that no one knew how to do anyone. Well, wrong-o-rama, lady! I taught myself, with the help of books and the internet. I’m happy to teach you too. You can find out more through my classes page.

Some things I like to do when I’m not crafting include (in no particular order):

  • Swimming. I’m even doing an open water swim race this year.
  • Playing with my cat. Who is a good kitty, except when he’s bad (which is 5-20% of the time)
  • Reading, especially if it combines magic, history and strong female protagonists.
  • Cooking and a recently discovered passion for dinner parties.

My crafty dreams include:

  • Taking a class at the Royal School of Needlework(UK)
  • Learning shibori embroidery and dyeing.
  • Seeing a stranger wear a jewelry  piece I made–no engineering this one friends. The dream is to see it in the wild.
  • Getting better at machine sewing. Maybe for quilting? We’ll see.

If you have a specific question not found on this site, please contact me at manjo[at]madebymanjo[dot]com

Hey, have a good one.